About Us

     We are Family Owned and Operated

Rosina's Italian Restaurant is one of the last remaining restaurants of its kind. The Oceanside location opened in August of 2008 and closed in 2017. The Santaluz location opened in March of 2013 and is still thriving today.  The owner, Rosina, and her 2 sons, Giancarlo and Gianfranco, believe in working the old fashioned way - with their hands.  

      Abundance of Southern Italian Hospitality

It's an Italian legacy with a family heritage that began in Calabria. The Southern Italian region is known for its abundance:  imagine the best road-side fruit stand in North County- better than that! Fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables, excellent fish, poultry and beef and incredible hospitality. 

  "Rosina's is a destination with unassuming character, a perfect place for a casual dinner or a romantic night out."


     30 Years Preparing Italian Cuisine by Hand

Her remarkable family of restaurateurs shares Rosina’s talent and pride for authenticity. When she and her sister, brothers and their spouses opened their family restaurant When In Rome in Leucadia, California almost 30 years ago, the community welcomed their new recipes. From When In Rome came Salvatore's Cucina Italiana downtown San Diego, Cafe Luna in Rancho Bernardo, Salvatore's in Sun Valley Idaho, Rosina's in Sun Valley Idaho, Castello Delle Serre in Serre di Rapolano, Italy, Carmine's Pizzeria in Oceanside, Rosina's Oceanside and now Rosina's Santaluz.

     Rosina's Passion for Cooking    

Working in the kitchen is a family tradition. Rosina will tell you she loves cooking as much as she loves people. "When you sit down for dinner with your children, you are assured they will do the same when they are adults," says Rosina. This is why it is so important to create Italian meals with pride, because you are making something for the people you love, your family. In this way, Rosina has always prepared her fresh sauces and baked pastas! For the pride and love of those who will share it with their families. Her Italian restaurant is an extension of her kitchen and a warm family atmosphere that feels like home. Indeed it does.


     The Next Generation

The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree...Giancarlo literally grew up in the restaurant tugging on his mother's apron. He always felt the restaurant business was where he wanted to be. Today, as a understudy of his family's talent, and his mother's cooking style, he is creating his own way of preparing Italian cuisine. He is training his brother, Gianfranco, as his mother trained him: hands on, day by day.  Come visit us in Santaluz to experience authentic Italian home-cooking at its best.